December 15, 2004

I have a job!

By job, I mean a full time, permenant placement. Actually, I've had a job for over a month. Yeah, Yeah, I know. Update more often! Shut your pie hole!

Anyway, at this job I'm actually doing work, just very, very slowly. My client is a state agency and as a result even the most basic task is full of red tape, "managerial oversight" and office politics. I'm not ticked, but I am bored.

I'm going to install a site counter, just because I'm interested to see how many people actually read my site. I don't expect it's many, but I'm curious. After a while, I'll intentionally throw in some choice key words and see how it affects my visitation. We'll see. Stay tuned, stand fast and all that other gobbledygook that means "come back soon".

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