December 22, 2004

So things are happening..

My wife and I just found out that we're going to have another baby (Version 2.0). I'm actually really excited about this, but my wife is making it hard for me to be enthusiastic. She's having progesterone level problems and she's on progesterone supplements, so she's hormonal as hell with huge mood swings.

Her progesterone levels are low-ish. 14.7 versus 15+ which is the safe zone. Her Dr. just put her on suppositories because they're absorbed better than the pills she's been taking.

Just about 15 minutes ago, she called me and said (and I'm quoting here) "I hate my job! My body can't decide what it wants to do about this baby! I'm not happy about having to get on a plane tomorrow! I'm going to have to deal with your asshole parents! And you haven't told me I can quit my job, so I'm not feeling very secure about your job! And I'm TIRED! I'm JUST PLAIN TIRED! This sucks!"

How do I respond to that? If I say nothing, I'm insensitive. If I say anything that she really wants to hear, I'll get fired (I was at work at the time). If I say what I can safely say at work, it's going to sound hollow and irrelevant. If I say what I feel like saying, I need to call a lawyer. This sucks. In the middle of all this, she apologizes for dumping on me. The phone call ended with her saying "Well, you just go ahead an do whatever the hell you're going to do, which is what you'll do anyway!"

I'm apparently not allowed to have a bad day anymore, either. Last week, I was having the worst day I've had in a while, and she goes off on a rant about how she's having problems and she doesn't think we're going to have the baby after all, etc ad infinitum. I retort (very sarcastically) "That's great. At least something is going right!". Now she thinks I don't want to have another baby! I do, and everything I've said/done up to this point supports that.

I don't know what to do. I go from the stress of being unemployed and broke to the stress of a new job and potentially a new father.

A side note: in order to improve my hits (see last post), I'm going to insert some words here: Anna Kournikova naked! Christmas gifts. Britney and Anna. boobies Iraq Bush, britney's bush

December 15, 2004

I have a job!

By job, I mean a full time, permenant placement. Actually, I've had a job for over a month. Yeah, Yeah, I know. Update more often! Shut your pie hole!

Anyway, at this job I'm actually doing work, just very, very slowly. My client is a state agency and as a result even the most basic task is full of red tape, "managerial oversight" and office politics. I'm not ticked, but I am bored.

I'm going to install a site counter, just because I'm interested to see how many people actually read my site. I don't expect it's many, but I'm curious. After a while, I'll intentionally throw in some choice key words and see how it affects my visitation. We'll see. Stay tuned, stand fast and all that other gobbledygook that means "come back soon".