April 18, 2005

President Bush wants exemption from the FOIA


From the article: " President Bush said Thursday that the public should know as much as possible about government decision-making, but national security and personal privacy - including his - need to be protected."

Yeah, me too. I'm pretty clear on this. The President is accountable to the American People, Congress, and the Judiciary. When it comes to things that fall within the scope of his duties, it's open book time as far as I'm concerned. Otherwise, we have no business rooting through his things.

For example, last week President Bush's tax returns were published. Why? That's none of our business at all. They're HIS finances, and they have no impact at all on his job performance. I have no desire to see details of interactions between him and his wife. That's his business.

Private meetings about energy policies? Oh yeah, I want to know. I have a right to know. Trouble is, no matter what I find, I need the okay of another 52 million voters to fire him, and I can't do that until 2008.

All I ask is that the same consideration be extended to me.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to add this: If the communication under consideration is of mixed content, then the whole thing must be released. So, if you send an email to someone saying "Let's bomb Oklahoma!" and then end it with "Jenna wants fake boobies.", no dice, it's fair game. The message here is simple: Keep it professional and we'll all get through this just fine.