December 05, 2007

One legged man in an a55 kicking contest

Well, things have come and gone and come around again. It's like a subway with nobody at the station...

Well, I was working at Cisco Systems here in Austin as a report writer, then I went to work for a company called Live Oak Interactive, run by my good friend Andy Meadows, as a Project Manager, and now I'm working at Dell as a Program Manager. This feels weird simply because I had a friend laid off from Dell about a month before I started. Not in the same role (God, that would SUCK), but related. It's not perm, but it's good enough right now, and it has the added bonus of being a step up in title.

Have you found LinkedIn yet? You ought to go, it's like Plaxo, only better, IMO.

That's all for now. More later.