January 08, 2009

Emergence: Reinventing myself

I have decided to reinvent myself. No, I'm not going to turn myself into a toaster or anything, I'm going to stick it out there and see if anything gets damaged.

Okay, how about an update? Last time I got around to posting, I was doing a contract for Dell. That didn't work out well and I politely found a replacement for myself and exited stage left.

Then I went to work of a company here in Austin, doing what I love to do, working with some pretty cool tech. I was employed for 3 mths until they "merged with" (read that as "was bought by") their majority shareholder. So, two days later, I'm unemployed again. That was in June.

Fast forward to today: My wife and I are on the skids. My MS has gotten worse, and I have gone from a cane to a walker, so interviews are not easily handled. Certainly sales is out of nthe picture and typing has becomre more difficult.

SO, I'm reinventing myself. I can do that because I am God. And so are you.

More on my reinvention and emergence later.

Stay tuned.