February 23, 2005

Cool new swag.

I got some cool new swag from http://www.jinx.net(pops) yesterday. I like it so much that I thought I might join their network of supporters. This is why those of you who come here often (both of us) notice that thatta way (---->) there is an ad, which I added yesterday. I don't get any cash for the ad, but I support those people and companies that I like. So there you go. If you haven't checked them out before, go ahead. It won't hurt, I promise.

So what did I get, I hear you ask? I got some t-shirts, which I need more of, and a bumper sticker, seeing as my political bumper sticker on my car is so last administration. Here is what I got:

1 Black X-Large Human Barcode T-Shirt @ $14.95 each
1 Black X-Large Social Engineering T-Shirt @ $14.95 each
1 Black X-Large MajorGeeks T-Shirt @ $14.95 each
1 Black 8" x 2" Closet Geek Sticker @ $1.99 each

I'm thinking I might get one of the Human Barcode stickers as my "reward" for joining Jinx's network, but frankly I don't think I'll bother to cash in on that one. Like I said, I put it up because I like them, not for $$, although a little $$ never hurts. No, I don't get any commission for you to click on the banner, or buy anything. If you feel you MUST send me money, go and buy something from my store at http://www.cafepress.com/geekwear.

Side note: No, I don't actually NEED XL t-shirts, I just like them baggy.